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Pulsar Power uses machine learning techniques to merge electrical and financial engineering and advanced digital solutions. Our approach reduces risk in renewable energy investments by enabling clients to compare and evaluate various business cases before initiating an energy transition project, all while maintaining project credit coverage.

By exploring various business cases and most importantly your own business case, we are looking at financial possibilities and communicating these seamlessly with our electrical engineers through our connected software. We ensure that our engineers fully comprehend your requirements before beginning the design and engineering process. This holistic understanding enables us to deliver projects that are optimized for success in every aspect.

This helps clients make informed business decisions and explore potential new revenue streams by repurposing assets and processes or capitalizing on emerging energy markets.

Pulsar Power in an ever changing energy market

In the current context of Europe’s energy transition and the race to decarbonization, there is a need for innovative solutions to meet the targets of the Green Deal and Fit for 55 initiatives. The renewable energy industry is experiencing rapid growth, but it also faces a VUCA environment of uncertainty and change.

As the era of subsidized renewables comes to an end, it is essential to maximize the production of energy at the lowest possible cost while maintaining a stable energy grid. The interactions between various energy sources are becoming more complex, and this requires a reliable energy grid that can operate under all circumstances.

Engineering top-down

Specialized engineering and design is our focus, and we approach it from a top-down perspective. In other words, we develop renewable energy solutions but abstain from project construction, making us unbiased towards project size, required materials, and other such considerations. Our impartiality enables us to identify the optimal solution for your project.

GridFlow en GridSave

Pulsar Power has a cutting edge digital ecosystem to facilitate the needs of the customer in design phase and during operation. The latter cannot be emphasized enough since these systems and the energy markets are very volatile. Therefore all installations should be equipped with a connection to the Cloud. This cloud solution can be the Pulsar Power Gridflow that is connected to the Pulsar Power’s field controller. 



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