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At Pulsar Power, we support your company through all stages of energy storage projects. Our approach is designed to empower you and minimize the risks associated with your investments.

We understand that every project is unique, and we tailor our services to your specific needs.

High-Level assessment:
unleashing your potential

In the first stage, we collaborate closely with our clients to uncover the full spectrum of potential in your energy storage project. Our experts assist you in evaluating the optimal battery size considering different constraints. Then the business case of your project is assessed, helping you understand opportunities and potential revenues. Our goal is to provide you with a clear understanding of the project’s feasibility, considering market dynamics, regulatory landscapes, and integration possibilities. 

Design Phase:
What your project can look like

Our experts will turn the idea behind the project into design drawings. The layout of the project including the battery solution and the Balance of Plant up to the grid connection will be designed respecting different constraints: land area, grid connection, fire safety, permitting restrictions. Pulsar Power also handles the grid connection request and all related technical discussion on behalf of the Client.

Tendering phase:
crafting success through independence

As an independent entity, Pulsar Power holds a distinct advantage. We work with you to write comprehensive proposals that meet the specific requirements of the tendering phase. But we don’t stop there. We also assist in evaluating the different offers, ensuring that your project is supplied by the best solutions and executed by the best possible team. Our team of experts also excels in contract negotiations, safeguarding your interests and optimizing the project’s potential. 

Comprehensive Engineering Support: From Detailed Drawings to As-Built Doc.

Some of our Clients are EPC companies that seek our engineering expertise to provide detailed drawings for construction purposes. Crucial studies are performed at this stage such as earthing, lightning, protection and cable calculations, based upon which detailed drawings are provided for all elements of the projects including civil engineering. Specifications are drafted for procurement purposes and relevant offers are assessed. Pulsar Power will also draft the test procedures and finally ensure the As Built documentation is well documented representing the latest updates in the project.

Construction monitoring:
your technical right hand

Once the project is underway, we remain at your side. Our experts actively monitor the construction process, visiting the site regularly to identify potential risks and propose timely adjustments. This proactive approach minimizes uncertainties and ensures your project aligns with the agreed specifications, timelines, and quality standards. 

For your battery project we are offering you unbiased guidance and access to the best partners. We act as your technical right hand, guiding you every step of the way. We excel in minimizing risks, providing you with the assurance that your investment is on the right path to success.

Every energy storage project is unique, and our approach reflects this diversity. We provide only the services you need, ensuring a tailored experience that optimizes your chances of success. Pulsar Power is more than an engineering firm; we are your strategic partner, dedicated to making your energy storage projects a resounding success.

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