Field services

Pulsar Power provides expert and impartial field engineering services for your existing installations, ensuring comprehensive oversight of key aspects and evaluating their condition. Managing your installations with our field engineering services will optimise their performance and longevity.

We offer digital twin creation services. These digital twins are virtual replicas of an electrical network or site, allowing for advanced simulations that help prevent issues instead of merely detecting them. 
We specialize in site inventorying, and our years of experience have enabled us to create proprietary software for this purpose. Using cutting-edge technology to create virtual replicas of your electrical network or site. Our digital twins allow for advanced simulations that can help prevent issues, instead of merely detecting them.


Our field services include (but are not limited to)


Concept- and process engineering


Our digital twin software employs an interactive Google map to calculate the roof friction coefficient, analyse 3D drone measurements, verify roof insulation, coordinate structural analyses, and assess the grid connection.

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