Solar Technician

Vlaanderen, Belgium (hybride)

Pulsar Power is an independent engineering, inspection and consulting company focused on the renewable energy industry in Europe and the design of renewable energy installations. We help our customers, not only with installations regarding wind or solar power, but with every possible renewable energy installation. To expand our solar field engineering team, we are currently looking for a Solar Technician having demonstrated experience in solar/PV.

You will be our eyes and ears on the ground for our internal engineering teams as well as to protect the interests of our clients. You are involved in the engineering process from the initial site intake over quality control during execution to technical due diligence for the value appraisal of existing or transferred assets.

Role and responsibilities

  • Perform site intake audits and quality control at industrial and commercial facilities.
  • Provide the necessary inputs and concept proposals for our in-house engineering team.
  • You will operate and/or coordinate drone flights, IR inspections, and other quality related inspections services to PV installations, batteries and medium voltage switch gear.
  • Provide input for the the single line and multiwire diagrams to our electrical engineers.
  • Follow-up installations under construction in line with our engineering- and technical specifications.
  • You will report to the Operations Director.


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