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Pulsar Power

Pulsar Power is an independent engineering, inspection and consulting company focused on the renewable energy industry in Europe and the design of renewable energy installations. We help our customers, not only with installations regarding wind or solar power, but with every possible renewable energy installation. 

At the core of our business is specialized engineering and design, and we always take a top-down approach. We specialize in designing renewable energy solutions while abstaining from project construction, thereby remaining agnostic to project size, required materials, and other such factors. This impartiality allows us to identify the ideal solution for your project.

Our team

Our team comprises extensively experienced engineers, each with an average of 15+ years’ expertise in renewable energy integration. With this experienced team we specialize in engineering and designing anything, regardless of complexity. We pride ourselves on tackling the most intricate problems that others may shy away from. We enjoy collaborating with our clients to develop solutions that surpass expectations, and we often start where others tend to stop.

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Our headquarters

Our headquarters in Belgium provide us with a strategic location from which we maintain a local presence in various European countries. This proximity allows us to stay up-to-date on European renewable energy market developments and opportunities. We are expanding fast and plan to grow our European presence.

In the energy transition ecosystem, we are at the nexus of partnerships and value chains aimed at accelerating the renewal of our energy system while minimizing associated risks and costs. Our extensive network of specialists enables us to take on any challenge, and we collaborate closely with partners to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Electrical safety is always our top priority, to safeguard this safety all our engineers have at least BA4 Basic Electrical Safety certification.

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